Finhol™ Laser Kick™ Pro


finhol laser kick pro 1The Laser Kick™ Pro is a bass drum & cajon sound module with integrated non-contact trigger based on a laser.

The foot movement between the two brackets is scanned in a hight of approx. 7 mm above the floor by a red light laser and converted into a trigger signal.

In contrast to all other triggers no specific area needs to be hit with the foot, only the 17 cm wide area between the two brackets of the trigger has to be interrupted with the foot movement in order to generate the trigger signal.

The device is very power-saving and ergonomic and therefore ideal for long sessions and live applications.

The Laser Kick™ Pro has based on real sample:

9 Bass-Drum-Sounds and 3 Cajon-Sounds

which can be selected directly via a selector switch.

The unit is supplied with a matching power supply.

Technical Data
• Redlightlaser – Sensor / Laserclass 1
• Selector switch: 12 sounds
• Duplex walnut oiled
• Dimensions: 250 x 200 x 30 mm
• Weight: approx. 385 gr.
• Felt feet
• Output: 6,3 mm unbalanced
• DC Input: for 9 Volt Power Supply (- Pin / + Housing)
• CE, ROHS, Made in Germany

Technical Data Power Supply
• 9 Volt DC
• Power: 500 mA
• Plug: 5,5 mm / 2,1 mm
• Polarity: (- Pin + Housing)
• Switching power supply technology