Finhol™ Edge Mic™ Kit


finhol edge mic kit 1The Edge™ Mic Kit is the first condenser microphone including Preamp and Volume-Control, which can be installed from inside the soundhole of stringed instruments such as, acoustic guitars, classical guitars, acoustic basses or ukulele. It is fastened via the included velcro connection, therefore it is detachable at any time.

The system can be connected with a normal guitar cable via the Belt-Connector to any guitar amp or mixer.

Technical Data
• Mounting plate: solid maple
• Dimensions: 50 x 40 mm
• Weight: approx. 25 gr.
• Sound conversion: condenser capsule
• Characteristic: cardioid
• Signal: unbalanced
• Impedance: low resistance
• Output: Belt-Connector (unit is turned on plugged in)
• Control: Volume
• Battery: 3 V
• Operating Time: aproxx. 250 hour
• Frequency response: 50 Hz – 20 kHz
• Made in Germany, CE, ROHS

Under DEMO you can listen to a sound comparison between the following recording systems:

1. Taylor Guitar > “Schöps” Highend Condensatormicrofon natural recording
2. Taylor Guitar > “Edge Mic Kit” System
3. Taylor Guitar > “Edge Mic String” System
4. Taylor Guitar > “Fishman Isys-T” System

The sound comparison is recorded two times in a loop.

Demo (MP3)