Finhol™ Edge Mic™ Blues Harp


edge mic blues harp 1The Edge™ Mic Blues Harp is the first condenser microphone which can be attached to the front edge of the Blues Harp. There for is a quick change, using tuned blues harmonicas in different keys, possible.

This type of attachment is particularly advantageous when using a harmonica rack for the neck.

The microphone requires phantom power 9-48 volts. The electronics necessary to produce a balanced signal is integrated into the XLR connector.

Technical Data
• Weight: approx. 15 gr.
• Material: spring steel coated with nylon
• sound conversion: condenser capsule
• Characteristic: cardioid
• Signal: balanced
• Impedance: 680 ohm
• Output: 3 meter cable & XLR connector
• Phantom power: 9 – 48 V
• Frequency response: 50 Hz – 20 kHz
• Mounting: push to the edge
• Made in Germany, CE, ROHS