Finhol™ Accutronics™ Spring Reverb


accutronics spring reverb 1The spring reverb is based on a Accutronics™ spring and thus provides an authentic spring reverb sound. All electronics are designed analog. The guitar signal is unaffected by the electronics (true bypass). The reverb can be adjusted in relation to the guitar signal using the control dial. The maximum reverb time is 3 seconds.

The unit has a remote jack input, by connecting any foot switch the reverb is switchable.

The unit is supplied with a matching power supply.

Technical Data
• Analog reverb with Accutronics™ spring-reverb
• Reverb control: max. reverb-time 3 sec.
• Die-cast aluminum housing
• Dimensions: 145 x 95 x 50 mm
• Weight: approx. 470 gr.
• Input / Output: 6.3 mm unbalanced
• Remote-Input: 6.3 mm unbalanced
• DC input: for 9 Volt Power Supply (- Pin / + Housing)
• CE, ROHS, Made in Germany

Technical Data Power Supply
• 9 Volt DC
• Power: 500 mA
• Plug: 5,5 mm / 2,1 mm
• Polarity: (- Pin + Housing)
• Switching power supply technology