Finhol™ Air Kick™ Blues


finhol air kick blues 1Miking of a bass drum is always a challenge.

Either a bass drum microphone is placed in front of the resonance hole with a stand, or you put the microphone into the bass drum on a pillow.

In both cases there can be problems with feedback and sound.

Alternatively, there are sensors which are mechanically fixed to the edge of the stroke-felt to trigger a drum module.

The Air Kick is the solution, the first sound module on sample base with integrated air pressure measurement for the bass drum of natural drums. The product is patent pending.

Unlike the previous sensors, which are attached to the rim of the bass drum, this small handy device is simply placed on a pillow in the bass drum.

With a toggle switch you can choose between the fully edited Blues – or Jazz SoundWith the sens control the sensitivity of the air pressure sensor can be adjusted.

The unit is supplied with a matching power supply.

Technical Data
Sound: Blues / Jazz – Bass Drum
• Sensor: Pressure Sensor
Sensitivity controller: to adapt to bass drum
Toggle Switch: Blues / Jazz
• Microprocessor controlled
Real Sample Play
Velocity sensitive
• Aluminium die-cast housing
Dimensions: 110 x 60 x 30 mm
• Weight: approx.  200 gr.
Output: XLR balanced
DC Input: for 9 V power supply (Pin / + outside)
CE, ROHS, Made in Germany

Technical Data Power Supply
• 9 Volt DC
• Power: 500 mA
• Plug: 5,5 mm / 2,1 mm
• Polarity: (- Pin + Housing)
• Switching power supply technology